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Latest news on the Heathy Environment project

17 Nov 2023

Having a healthy environment shouldn’t be a privilege, yet many people live in unhealthy environments. Find out what Friends of the Earth has done in the past to protect local environments, and how to get in touch about your own work.

Our campaigns

09 Jul 2024

We offer a range of campaigns for local action groups to run in their area. Find out how you can get involved.

4 ways to support your community in times of crisis

25 Nov 2022

During times of crisis, it's natural to want to do your part to help. Check out 4 ways you can help your community, which our groups learnt from the coronavirus pandemic but can be used in any time of emergency.

Affordability, co-benefits and carbon saving: the top Climate Actions for councils

01 Sep 2021

There are many actions your council can take to tackle climate breakdown. But which actions pack the biggest punch in terms of impact?

Guides to topics within the Climate Action Plan for councils

14 Dec 2021

Climate Action Plan for councils explained.

Take action A campaign guide for you and your council

31 May 2024

Local authorities have an important role in cutting carbon emissions and solving the climate crisis.