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Promote Kale Yeah! resources

13 Dec 2022

Use our posters, stickers, t-shirts and more to raise awareness of Kale Yeah! Kitchens and grow the movement.

Incentivise Kale Yeah! resources

13 Dec 2022

Get customers to embrace your new menu and encouraging healthier, more sustainable choices – for example by using our guide to launching a loyalty scheme.

Rebalance Kale Yeah! resources

13 Dec 2022

Learn how to rebalance your menus, reducing meat, fish and diary and adding more plant-based dishes. And find out how to source higher welfare animal products when you do use them.

Kale Yeah! posters, stickers and other materials

13 Dec 2022

Boost the visibility of your Kale Yeah! loyalty scheme in and around your campus and office space with posters, stickers and promotional cards. You can use and edit the templates provided below (instructions included).

Kale Yeah! promotional images

13 Dec 2022

Check out our images and logos to promote Kale Yeah!. Use them in social media posts, newsletter articles, display screens or any other promotional materials you wish to produce. 

Kale Yeah! t-shirts

13 Dec 2022

Get t-shirts printed to help boost the visibility of Kale Yeah!

Kale Yeah!: University of Portsmouth pilot

13 Dec 2022

We trialled the Kale Yeah! loyalty scheme at the University of Portsmouth. Here's how it went.

Kale Yeah! Kitchens frequently asked questions

13 Dec 2022

Are you unsure about any aspect of Kale Yeah! Kitchens? If so, take a look at the answers to these FAQs.

Kale Yeah! monitoring and feedback

23 Jun 2023

How's your Kale Yeah! loyalty scheme doing? Use our tips on monitoring and feedback to assess your progress.

Grow the Kale Yeah! movement

13 Dec 2022

Can you help your university become a Kale Yeah! Campus? Find out how to promote sustainable eating beyond your kitchen.