Stories from the network

Climate Action groups are made up of people just like you. After all, you don’t need a qualification or special skill to be affected by climate chaos. Here, we meet a few of our everyday heroes who are taking climate action in their local area.

International Women’s Day: friendship in the climate space

07 Mar 2024

2024’s International Women’s Day theme is #InspireInclusion. As the organisers aptly say: “when we inspire others to understand and value women's inclusion, we forge a better world”. This year, we’re spotlighting women’s friendship and its crucial role in achieving a gender-just climate space.

Why we should campaign on international causes

13 Jan 2023

Members from our network share why showing solidarity with international causes is vital to our fight for people and planet.

Annie: the teacher

18 Oct 2023

Annie has been a Birmingham resident for the last thirty years. She shares news from her local group Footsteps – an interfaith Climate Action group working hard to take climate action.

Gerard: the producer

21 Oct 2019

Chairman of the Shoreham society, a Climate Action group based in West Sussex, Gerard reflects on his trip to Botswana which had a big impact on him and played a crucial in his commitment to environmental issues and climate action

Martha: the scientist

30 Nov 2022

In March 2019 a local action group in Merton, London was set up. At its heart is Colombian scientist Martha, who shares her experience so far.