Action Network: campaign online

A digital campaign platform to support your local campaigning and promote your group.

24 Jan 2024

What's Action Network?

You can use it to:

  • Create petitions
  • Advertise events
  • Grow the number of people who know about your group.

Plus you can keep people who take action with you updated by sending them emails at every stage of your campaign. You can also encourage them to take on a more active role and get more involved in your group.

This video explains the different things you can do with Action Network.

Stay in control

Unlike other digital platforms out there such as or Eventbrite, Action Network gives you total control over what happens next in your campaign. Here’s just one example of what this could look like:

So even after you’ve handed in your petition or your event has taken place, you can go on talking to people about the work your group is doing in the community.

What we offer

  • Free access to the Action Network tool, which allows you to:
    • Set up petitions example petition.
    • Promote events example event.
    • Set up email-your-local-X actions (not just your local MP – anyone you have an email for) example action.
    • Host online forms, such as to gather email sign-ups example form.
    • Email people who've taken your actions or signed up to your events.
    • Analyse your work and see what's working.
  • Training and support, covering how to use the tool and how to make the most of it. See the latest training opportunities.
  • Help with promotion. If you're planning an event or your petition is doing really well, we can help boost numbers by telling Friends of the Earth supporters in your area about it too.

"I would recommend using Action Network. I'm not very good with technical things but it's really simple to use." Libby Harris, Birmingham Friends of the Earth

What we need from you

Your group needs to be part of our local action group network. Register your group here if you haven't done so already.

We’d also like you to be doing at least one of the following:

  • Running, or planning to run, a campaign with a specific target recipient (such as your local councillors), ideally with an end target date.
  • Organising at least 1 public event (eg a group kick-off event).
  • Regularly sending email updates to your existing contact list.

And we’d also like:

  • A commitment to learn how to use Action Network. You’ll need to be somewhat comfortable with technology. You don’t need to be a hotshot programmer, just someone who's comfortable enough with trying out new digital tools.
  • Your feedback, because without it we won’t be able to improve. It’s vital you’re willing and able to tell us how things are working.

Sign up

If you'd like to use Action Network just fill in a short form to get started. We'll get in touch to explain what to do next.

Get in touch if you have any questions.