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We're urging 2024 mayoral candidates to step up and commit to ambitious, urgent and meaningful action on climate and nature.

02 Apr 2024

As we stand at a critical juncture in combatting the climate and nature crisis, we’re calling on all combined authority mayoral candidates and London Mayor candidates to take our pledge, vowing to prioritise and implement robust climate policies if elected. Our top priorities for each region are outlined in our Climate Action Plans.  

If you’re a mayoral candidate and would like to sign the pledge, please complete our pledge form. Signatories’ names are displayed below. Once you've signed, please share your support on social media using the hashtag #ClimateMayors2024. 

Read your area’s Climate Action Plan

We’ve produced Climate Action Plans for each of the 10 regions with 2024 mayoral elections. Read and download the Climate Action Plan for your area, which uses local data to highlight the urgent change needed, presents a low-carbon vision for the area, and, crucially, explains the practical actions needed to get there. 











Sign the pledge

I recognise the vital role I have in working with communities to meet our legally binding 2030 climate commitments. I pledge, if elected, to use my powers, funding and influence to deliver the actions necessary to tackle the climate and nature emergencies and build a fairer society for all in my area.


You can sign the pledge if you’re a mayoral candidate or represent a candidate. You can also sign if you’ve secured a pledge from a candidate and have agreed to complete the form on their behalf. If this is the case, it’s useful to have proof that the candidate has agreed to this. 

Who’s signed the pledge?

The following candidates have already signed the mayoral pledge:

Climate Action