How Southwark council is cutting cars and boosting health

23 May 2022

Reducing car use and encouraging active travel can help reduce emissions and lower pollution levels. With funding from a local health trust, Southwark Borough Council is taking measures to encourage active travel and support areas most affected by child obesity and poor air quality. Reducing car use forms part of Action 23 of the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils.

How Bristol City Council is reducing food waste

23 May 2022

All stages of food production contribute to climate change, but food waste in particular, contributes to avoidable emissions. Read how Bristol City Council is making progress towards becoming a zero-waste city, through expanding services to its community and engaging them in waste-reducing activities. Reducing food waste forms part of Action 37 of the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils.

Near you

20 May 2022

Understanding how your area is performing on key climate issues is an important step to figuring out the changes needed in your community.  

Climate Action Plan for Parish and Town Councils

01 Sep 2021

Parish and town councils may not be as powerful as local authorities but they can “do their bit” in addressing the climate and nature emergency and be a force for change.

Stroud: Europe's first Carbon Neutral Authority

13 Sep 2021

Stroud District Council has an impressive reputation for setting the agenda when it comes to climate action. Council officer Barry Wyatt identifies how working with residents and community partners is now taking that reputation a step further.

How the government should tackle the climate emergency Our 6 point Climate Action Plan

31 Mar 2020

How the government should respond to the climate emergency – and what local campaign groups can do to make their communities climate friendly.