How local councils are acting on climate

These council case studies explore the impacts, benefits and resources needed to tackle climate change locally. Share with your local authority to galvanise change, from reducing landfill waste to protecting nature.

While Friends of the Earth supports these specific projects, this doesn't always extend to the councils' wider environmental policies.


How Hackney is connecting more people to local green space

08 Sep 2022

Hackney Council has adopted several measures to ensure quality green spaces are accessible to everyone in the borough. Protecting existing local green spaces and developing new good quality green spaces in areas which fall short of recommended minimum levels form Actions 46 and 48 of the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils.

How Kent is protecting nature through long term planning

08 Sep 2022

Learn how Kent County Council is using long term planning to protect and recover threatened species through habitat maintenance, restoration and creation. Producing a nature and ecosystem restoration plan to restore habitats, species, and ecosystem quality and function, is Action 49 of the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils.

How Burnley manages parks to bring environmental and financial benefits

08 Sep 2022

Creating a more natural environment in local parks boosts biodiversity and community wellbeing, and delivers financial savings too. Learn how Burnley Borough Council helped give nature a helping hand while saving vital funds, as part of Action 47 of 50 climate actions for councils.

How Wirral's tree strategy will plant 210,000 trees by 2030

09 Dec 2022

Learn how Wirral Council is protecting existing trees, and planting 210,000 trees by 2030 to help store carbon, support nature, aid flood protection and deliver mental health benefits. This tree strategy falls under Action 45 of the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils – to double tree cover on council-owned land, update local planning strategies to double tree cover across the local authority area, and ensure existing trees are properly protected.

These case studies were produced by Ashden and Friends of the Earth, with support from ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport), Climate Emergency UK, Grantham Institute (Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London), London Environment Directors’ Network (LEDNet), and My Society.