How local councils are acting on climate

These council case studies explore the impacts, benefits and resources needed to tackle climate change locally. Share with your local authority to galvanise change, from reducing landfill waste to protecting nature.

While Friends of the Earth supports these specific projects, this doesn't always extend to the councils' wider environmental policies.

Climate vulnerability

How Hampshire is prioritising climate adaptation and resilience

06 Dec 2022

Hampshire County Council has developed 2 decision making tools including a climate adaptation tool that's used to develop climate resilience in the area, for example in communities vulnerable to climate impacts. Targeting climate change adaptation at people and neighbourhoods most at risk from extreme weather events is part of Action 11 in the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils.

Why Kingston is backing the climate action Blueprint

08 Sep 2022

Learn why Kingston council is backing the climate action Blueprint that calls for more powers and resources for local councils. Supporting the Blueprint is Action 50, along with 49 other actions councils can take to act on climate.

How Dundee is focusing climate action on helping people most at risk

18 Jan 2023

Find out how Dundee City Council is developing climate policies by prioritising residents most at risk of extreme weather events and fuel poverty. Prioritising those most at risk is one of 50 climate actions for councils, under Action 11.

How Blaenau Gwent involved its community in climate action decisions

08 Sep 2022

Learn how Blaenau Gwent set up a citizens assembly for £50,000 and made sure local people have a say on climate decisions in Wales. Listening to local people forms Action 6 in the 50-point Climate Action Plan for councils – review and improve how we involve citizens in our existing decision-making processes.

How Hull co-designed flood defences with residents

23 May 2022

Find out how Hull City Council ensured the opinions of vulnerable communities were used to help co-design much-needed flood defences in the city. This approach forms part of 50 climate actions for councils, under Action 12, to ensure that the voices of the most vulnerable communities are also represented in council decision-making and council-citizen deliberations.

These case studies were produced by Ashden and Friends of the Earth, with support from ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport), Climate Emergency UK, Grantham Institute (Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London), London Environment Directors’ Network (LEDNet), and My Society.