How to celebrate Refugee Week

09 Jun 2023

Find out why Refugee Week is important and how to take part as a local action group.

Share responsibility for running your group

10 Apr 2023

Successful groups are those where responsibilities are shared and members take on different tasks based on their skills or interest.

Keep your email list interested

02 Mar 2023

Growing an active email list is a great way to build a relationship with people who've already shown an interest in your group.

Write an effective email

11 Jul 2023

Email is a great way to reach a lot of people at the same time and promote your group’s work. But persuading people to take action after reading an email takes work.

How Wiltshire is making homes warmer and more energy efficient

21 Dec 2022

Wiltshire Council runs a fuel poverty support service and is retrofitting council housing. This case study relates to Actions 11 and 13 of the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils. Action 11 includes targeting policies, actions and spending towards people most at risk of fuel poverty, while Action 13 involves retrofitting council-owned properties.

How Hope Valley is cutting rural transport emissions

23 Jun 2023

Hope Valley Climate Action is collaborating with Derbyshire County Council to encourage active travel, improve public transport and decrease car use in the community. Prioritising transport investment in walking, cycling and public transport forms Action 21 in the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils.

How Hampshire is prioritising climate adaptation and resilience

06 Dec 2022

Hampshire County Council has developed 2 decision making tools including a climate adaptation tool that's used to develop climate resilience in the area, for example in communities vulnerable to climate impacts. Targeting climate change adaptation at people and neighbourhoods most at risk from extreme weather events is part of Action 11 in the 50-point Climate Action Plan for Councils.

Policies, support and grants

06 Dec 2022

This hub includes all the important administrative documents, processes, and support for Friends of the Earth local action groups. It’ll help your group with creating a constitution, refer to the local action group charter and advice on financial management and grants.

Support for you and your group

24 Mar 2023

An overview of the training and support available to local action groups and activists in our network.

Kale Yeah! Kitchens Putting sustainability on the menu

15 Dec 2022

Kale Yeah! Kitchens is a sustainability scheme designed for university and workplace canteens, which will help reduce consumption of meat and increase plant-based meals on your menus. Find out how to launch your own scheme.