Fundraising guidance

25 Nov 2022

Our top tips for raising money effectively while complying with fundraising regulations.

Set ground rules

08 Nov 2022

Make sure that meetings are efficient and respectful by encouraging your group to agree on some simple ground rules.

GDPR guidance

20 Feb 2023

This page outlines guidance for Friends of the Earth groups on how to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including actions that groups need to take, and where to seek advice.

Create a safer space

08 Nov 2022

Find out how to make your group and its activities safer spaces.

Safeguarding guidance

09 Nov 2022

At Friends of the Earth we believe that everyone has the right to live free from abuse of any kind, and that everyone should feel safe when participating in group activities. We all have a legal responsibility to do everything we can to keep children and vulnerable adults safe and to report any concerns we have about their welfare.

Why solidarity matters

15 Feb 2023

We often hear the word solidarity, but what is it and why does it matter when it comes to environmental justice campaigning? Read below to find out more.

Plan a great action

02 Dec 2022

Learn how to creative with your campaigning to boost your profile and influence local decision-makers.

Dirty pensions: is your council funding the climate crisis?

07 Nov 2022

Despite over 75% of local councils declaring a climate emergency, billions of pounds are still invested in planet-wrecking projects through local government pension funds.

Action Network: campaign online

02 Feb 2023

A digital campaign platform to support your local campaigning and promote your group.

Create a digital petition

02 Dec 2022

Petitions can be a great way to spread ideas and build support for change. The best petitions follow a simple formula designed to help the reader quickly understand why taking action will make a difference.