Watford and Three Rivers Friends of the Earth

Watford and Three Rivers Friends of the Earth is part of a movement creating a safer climate, flourishing nature, and healthy air, water and food, now and for future generations.

We campaign for change locally in our community as well as campaigning on national and global issues as part of the Friends of the Earth network. This includes:

- campaigning and advocating to local and county councils to strengthen their actions on climate change and biodiversity

- supporting residents with advice on Living Sustainably (a booklet providing actions that support both planet and pocket) and running events with schools/ youth groups etc.

- working with other local groups to amplify the work we all do and increase our collective impact

- running an annual South West Herts Great Big Green Week to draw attention to climate change and destruction of the natural world, while also making a connection with these issues and actions locally in Watford and Three Rivers. Go to our Green Week website for more information

Together we can boost the impact of every local win. We can look to each other for inspiration. We can find strength in numbers to push for big national change.

We welcome new members and it is always great to meet new people who are passionate and interested in the environment and climate change.

Do get in touch and we welcome the chance to chat about the group in more detail and various ways group members get involved. We'd love to find out what interests you and how you would like to get involved.

You can also follow the work we, and other local groups do, via our collective Facebook page: SustainablesouthwesthHerts FB