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Waste and consumption

All local areas need to become sustainable consumption and zero-waste areas, where all waste is minimised, recycled, or reused as part of a circular economy approach. Local community sharing and reuse should be encouraged with the ultimate aim of sending no waste to landfill or incineration. Councils have an important role to play in waste management, promoting a circular economy and in how they manage resources. 

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Clare Oxborrow

Clare is Friends of the Earth's lead expert on food, sustainable diets and supply chains. She follows policy developments, carries out research, campaigning and advocacy and works closely with other NGOs to further Friends of the Earth's campaigns. She has 20 years’ experience campaigning on issues around food, farming, sustainable diets and GM crops.

She's a trustee of the Eating Better alliance and is also working on the relationships between policy and behaviour change. Clare's also campaigned alongside groups throughout Europe and internationally, including on campaigns on livestock impacts overseas and supply chains.

Talk to Clare about:

  • Campaigning for less and better meat, and more plant-based diets, including at institutional settings like universities and schools.
  • Sustainable land use and food production.
  • Food and farming policy and business practice.
  • Global impacts of the food system.
  • How to develop effective behaviour change interventions.

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