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Transport is the UK's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. To meet climate goals, we need to change the way we travel. We need a significant and rapid increase in people using sustainable travel methods like public transport, cycling and walking. Ask our experts about climate friendly transport, including electric transport.

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Jacob Ainscough

Jake has worked as a researcher on climate and environmental policy for nearly a decade, and is currently focusing on how public deliberation (including citizens assemblies and juries) can be integrated into climate policymaking in the UK. 

He's researched the economics of the environment and how the financial system could be reformed to address the climate crisis. He's also spent time providing research and support to UK Parliamentarians as the manager of the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group. 

Talk to Jake about: 

  • Reforms to democratic structures.
  • Climate finance issues.
  • UK climate policymaking, including engaging with elected representatives and, how parliament works.

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Chris Todd - Transport expert

Chris Todd

Chris has been a transport and environment campaigner for over 25 years. He helped run the successful South Downs campaign to get the South Downs made into a National Park. He runs the Transport Action Network to support local communities and challenge the government’s road-building programme.

Talk to Chris about:

  • Buses, roads and planning, both at local and national levels.
  • Local democratic structures, policymaking and campaign tactics. 

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Anthony Rae - Transport expert

Anthony Rae

Anthony Rae is a transport and carbon campaigner based in West Yorkshire, with a particular focus on aviation.

Talk to Anthony about:

  • Strategic approaches to transport decarbonisation at local authority, regional or subnational levels. 

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Sandra Bell

Sandra is our resident councils climate action expert at Friends of the Earth. She has over 20 years campaigning experience at Friends of the Earth on a range of issues including pesticides, farming policy, supermarket power, and bees. Her main focus now is on local authority climate policy both what councils should be doing and what national government must do to support councils.

Prior to being a campaigner, Sandra had a background in local government. She works closely with local government organisations and other allies.

Talk to Sandra about:

  • What makes a good council Climate Action Plan.
  • The national policy and resources we are seeking to support councils to strengthen their action on climate.
  • Examples of councils that have already taken successful climate action, and how this could be repeated by another council.

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