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Land and nature

Everyone should be able to easily access thriving nature in green spaces to support their health and wellbeing. We have a duty to protect and restore nature, including helping draw down carbon emissions, manage flood risk and overheating. To do this, areas should be looking to double tree cover, protect existing trees and councils should manage their own land to increase biodiversity.

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Tim Richards

Tim focuses on forests both in the UK and globally (particularly in West Africa), specialising in the application of geographical information systems, satellite remote sensing and computing to problem solve real world issues in the land and environment fields. 

He developed the woodland opportunity maps for Friends of the Earth.

Talk to Tim about:

  • Using mapping tools to help solve environmental problems.
  • Interpreting data for nature campaigning.

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Sandra Bell

Sandra is our resident councils climate action expert at Friends of the Earth. She has over 20 years campaigning experience at Friends of the Earth on a range of issues including pesticides, farming policy, supermarket power, and bees. Her main focus now is on local authority climate policy both what councils should be doing and what national government must do to support councils.

Prior to being a campaigner, Sandra had a background in local government. She works closely with local government organisations and other allies.

Talk to Sandra about:

  • What makes a good council Climate Action Plan.
  • The national policy and resources we are seeking to support councils to strengthen their action on climate.
  • Examples of councils that have already taken successful climate action, and how this could be repeated by another council.

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Paul de Zylva

Paul uses a variety of research methods to analyse, report and recommend changes so Friends of the Earth and our campaigns can be more sustainable. Paul has a substantial experience of local, national and international campaigning and policy work across a range of issues from air quality to waste.

Paul led The Bee Cause campaign and advises colleagues on nature-related issues. He was the London local groups coordinator and also led the organisation’s team of regional campaigners across England.

Paul represents Friends of the Earth on Wildlife and Countryside Link, tracks nature policy developments and works closely with our international colleagues in Friends of the Earth Europe and International. He also chairs an award winning river restoration action group and the National Park City movement.

Talk to Paul about: 

  • Making, improving and maintaining space for nature.
  • How to talk about biodiversity "offsetting" and "nature-based solutions", and challenge developers, councils and others on this.
  • Links between climate change and nature (wildlife, biodiversity and ecosystems).
  • Making the case for nature in local planning and other policies including health, children’s development, learning and recreation.
  • Campaigning for nature, green space, green infrastructure and river restoration.

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