An image of beautiful forest on one side, and the other side woodland chopped down and destroyed. It shows the stark impact of deforestation. © gryffyn m via Unsplash

Corporate justice

Behind much of the food we eat and products we consume are powerful companies who drive massive environmental and human destruction in places like the Amazon and Indonesian rainforests. Deforestation and human rights abuses like land grabbing are all too common in corporate supply chains. Talk to our expert about how you can hold companies to account for damage they cause.

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Nick Rau

Nick is a campaigner at Friends of the Earth and a “jack of all trades" – having worked on many issues and campaigns over 25+ years, including extensive experience of grassroots environmentalism in Latin America. He has a keen interest in collaborative working and social and environmental justice.

Some of Nick’s experience includes:

  • Coordinating Friends of the Earth’s bilateral project with Friends of the Earth Paraguay, empowering rural communities to resist the expansion of agribusiness and soy monocultures.
  • Working on a number of international campaigns and collaborations around gas and oil, including outreach to key allies in the UK.
  • Playing a key role in Friends of the Earth’s campaigns on pesticides, and trees and agroforestry.

Talk to Nick about:

  • Internationally traded commodities like soy, palm oil and timber, and the associated deforestation and human rights abuses.
  • Friends of the Earth’s Planet over Profit campaign.
  • International collaboration and supporting frontline communities overseas.
  • Sustainable farming, particularly agroforestry, and how to work collaboratively with farmers.
  • Trees and farming, and how to ensure a just transition for the countryside and rural communities.
  • The best things to feed tadpoles.

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