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Building more sustainable houses and adapting our current homes to be more energy efficient is crucial to fighting climate change. Loft and wall insulation are a priority to ensure energy isn’t wasted, people stay warm and aren’t pushed into fuel poverty. Councils play an important role. They should be enforcing minimum energy efficiency standards in rented homes, as well as retrofitting council-owned homes with insulation. Talk to our experts about insulation, fuel poverty, and eco heating solutions like heat pumps.

Mike Childs - Energy expert

Mike Childs

Mike leads a team of policy experts and scientists at Friends of the Earth. He has 3 decades of experience working on a range of campaigns. He also led the Big Ideas project, looking at solutions for some of the most challenging global environmental problems.

He currently leads our policy work on a range of environmental issues, spanning energy, climate, and local-level application of environmental solutions. 

Talk to Mike about: 

  • Local data and the Near You project.
  • Climate and energy related issues.

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Sandra Bell

Sandra is our resident councils climate action expert at Friends of the Earth. She has over 20 years campaigning experience at Friends of the Earth on a range of issues including pesticides, farming policy, supermarket power, and bees. Her main focus now is on local authority climate policy both what councils should be doing and what national government must do to support councils.

Prior to being a campaigner, Sandra had a background in local government. She works closely with local government organisations and other allies.

Talk to Sandra about:

  • What makes a good council Climate Action Plan.
  • The national policy and resources we are seeking to support councils to strengthen their action on climate.
  • Examples of councils that have already taken successful climate action, and how this could be repeated by another council.

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