Anti-racism training

Join us for our anti-racism training tailored for climate activists, where we dive into practical skills and do some thinking around structural changes essential for fostering anti-racist movements.

When? Various dates in March and April 2024.

What? A day to give you the tools to contribute to a more equitable and united fight for a sustainable future.

Why? To come together to build a movement that represents everyone. Gain skills and feel confident to develop and run environmental justice campaigns with an anti-racism focus.

We all deserve the right to a healthy environment and a fairer world for future generations. This training is a step towards building a climate movement that reflects the diversity of voices and experiences around us.

Anyone is welcome to attend any event, regardless of where you live.

Expert training

By joining us, you'll get training from a highly experienced anti-racism consultant, Bilal, who has lots of experience in developing and running anti-racism and environmental justice campaigns.

Hi! I’m Bilal Hussain. I’m a Nottingham lad from a working-class family, both of my parents immigrated to the UK from Kashmir. I’ve had the good fortune of working across various local, national and international campaigns on initiatives ranging from getting misogyny recognised as a hate crime, organising living wages for service sector workers to organising solidarity actions addressing the occupation of Kashmir and Palestine and Uyghur internment camps in China.

I've always done work delivering frontline services like running food banks and soup kitchens (which I still run), getting financial assistance for those struggling with debt and raising funds for humanitarian causes, while simultaneously campaigning on the root causes of many of these issues.

My core experience is in community and trade union organising, bringing different communities together to address issues and build power. As for anti-racism organising, I worked with and against Nottinghamshire police on racial profiling in communities and on discriminative policing practices such as the use of stop and search powers.

In recent years I have designed programmes to develop political candidates and activists from communities of colour, delivered projects combating islamophobia and antisemitism, trained hundreds of trade union activists in anti-racism and organising at Unite, Unison and the NEU, from mainly white racialised backgrounds, and oversaw the development of the Anti-Racism Network at Amnesty UK working towards addressing racism as a human rights issue.

I'm excited to work with Friends of the Earth. I hope some of my experiences will be of service to your community.

The training will cover:

  • Linking racial justice and climate justice.
  • A history of British racism.
  • Understanding structural racism.
  • Community mapping.
  • Understanding anti-racist campaigns.
  • Spectrum of allies.
  • Building anti-racist campaigns.

Support for people of colour: we know that this work can greatly impact activists who are people of colour. We're offering 1-2-1 therapeutic support from USEMI after the training so that you have space to talk and be heard.

A south Asian man smiling. He looks friendly. The photo is a passport style headshot in black and white.